Jan 12

Why is the essay the most important part of any application?

Your essay is the admissions office’s most valuable tool in comparing you to other, similar students. In today’s ultra-competitive admissions race, there are always multiple people with every conceivable talent, academic background, and culture. Unless you’re an Olympic champion or the inventor of cold fusion technology, you’ll need a superior essay to make you stand out from the crowd.

What about services that write my whole essay for me?

You will not get into college if you hire a company to write your essay for you. These services do not write original essays, and most colleges can easily tell when an applicant used one of their essays. If you employ one of these companies, your application will be rejected.

Editing is OK. Having someone write your essay for you is not.



  1. http://essayswriters.org/college/ says:

    Thanks for the warning. I totally agree. Do not be afraid to be creative and express your thoughts.

    • Martin says:

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