Aug 25

Essay Editing Services

At Essay Brunch, we know you have your choice of essay editing services. We want you to know what sets our service apart from the rest, so you can make an informed decision.

Essay Brunch pays its editors by the hour. That means our editors will take their time with your essays and do good work. Most other essay editing companies pay their editors per-essay, so the editors are encouraged to work as quickly as possible on each essay. The result is sloppy, inferior editing. Before you choose a service, make sure they pay their editors by the hour. If you aren’t sure, ask. It’s worth it!

Essay Brunch is always honest about the quality of your essay. Our only goal is making sure your essay makes the best possible impression on the admissions committee. Other essay editing services are more interested in making you think they did a good job. They over-edit essays and “fix” things that don’t need to be fixed, just so they can convince you that you got your money’s worth. They won’t tell you that their edited essay will have a negative impact on your application, because they want you to think they can make anything into a masterpiece with a single edit.

Essay Brunch encourages you to submit your essay for evaluation before purchasing editing services. That way, we can let you know how much work needs to be done on your essay, and you won’t pay for unnecessary service or end up with an essay that still needs more work.

Best of luck in the admissions process!