Aug 22

Last Of The Breed by Louis Lamoure

1. This dissatisfied critic meant that there shouldn’t be any deadlines set by people who aren’t actually writing the book. This book is actually a good reason that there shouldn’t be any deadlines. The book was nearing the deadline but wasn’t finished yet so the author, Louis Lamoure, just ended it so that he could meet his deadline. Basically that there should not be any deadlines so that the author has plenty of time to complete the book, completely free of any questions to the reader.

2. In the novel Last of the Breed by Louis Lamoure, there are many incomplete story-lines. For example there is the problem of dealing with Ostap, do they find out it was he who had let Joe Mack free? Next what of Joe Mack himself? Did he make it to America, to Talya? And finally what happened with Arkady Zamatev, was he demoted, was he completely removed from service, or was he killed by Joe Mack? First dealing with Ostap. Did they find out that he had been the one to pull the

pin from the door or Joe Mack’s prison, or did they just think that he had some-how escaped? If they did suspect Ostap then what would they do to him? Would they interrogate him or just kill him right away? Let’s discuss some of the possibilities. If they did somehow find out it was him then they would definitely punish him until he could not take it any more and kill him self or they killed him. If they thought that he had somehow escaped then Alekhin would lose his reputation and Zamatev would also lose something, probably his importance.

What of Joe Mack? Did he finally escape through the Bearing Strait, or did he stay and try to reunite with Talya? First if he did escape through the Bearing Strait, then he would have been in Alaska, and safe enough that he would not have to worry about being hunted. Which brings up another problem. Would he stay hidden from the world? or would he betray himself and expose himself to the world. But for Talya. He could have stayed and tried to get to the sea he told her of to meet her and to take her to

America. Or did he delay meeting Talya, back track, kill Zamatev, and then escape again.

In which case he meets Talya and has to escape with her again to the Bearing Strait.

What of him? What could there been of him after “the American” had ruined his reputation. There could have been nothing and the same friend that warned him of the dangers of “the American” would be the same one who told him of his resignation. Or could he so upset about the escape, twice, that he committed suicide in his tiny little office. I don‘t know it’s up to you on this one but maybe this’ll be more than a five paragraph essay thing. So there are just a few ways that the book did end without warning, incomplete if you will, and a few ways that they could end. And there you have it a five paragraph essay thing about the incomplete story-lines and the ways that they could have ended.